• How many kinds of cards available in Flyers Club and how to apply for them?

There are four levels of Flyers club card: Flyers club e card, Business Class Card, Priority Class card and First Class card.


• What is the term of validity of the Flyers Club membership card?

Flyers Club e Card and Business Card is permanent card which starting from the initial date of the membership.Priority Class and First Class membership is valid from the date of upgrading to December 31 of the next year.


•How can we use the points in Flyers Club?

You can apply for exchanging points via the Hotel Group Website, or dial the service hotline: 4008822202 to apply for exchanging points.

For details, please click on Gift Exchange.


• What to do when members of Flyers Club meet with problems using the card?

If you meet with problems when making payment in hotel as a member of Flyers Club, please do not hesitate to call the service hotline: 400882202 and we will provide you with consulting service and solutions.